Harnessing the power of Doge Coin lemonade allows you to enjoy a refreshing beverage while embracing the playful and positive spirit of the Doge, bringing a sense of joy and lightheartedness to your day.

WOW! 2% of every sale is donated to Animal Shelters

Help us reach our first mission of $5,000 for animal shelters

     The doge community sets out on a quest to end animal cruelty. As we reach out to the doge community we thrive to donate 2% of all Doge Coin lemonade sales to Animal Shelters that provide a healing place for abused, abandoned, exploited, vulnerable & neglected animals. Through your help we can provide you with delicious lemonade all awhile helping to build a more humane world for animals. Together we can bring humanity back to our galaxy.

Donated to Animal Shelters.
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What Makes Doge Coin Lemonade the Best Lemonade Drink on Earth?

Doge Coin Lemonade has a tangy, citrusy flavor that is both refreshing and thirst-quenching. The perfect balance of sweet and sour creates a delightful taste that will have your taste buds dancing.


Has more Electrolytes then Leading Drinks on the market!

Doge Coin Lemonade replenishes you through vital minerals & improves hydration, supporting muscle function, & endurance for everyday activities

One of the Only 100% daily value of Vitamin C Lemonade drink on the market!

We wanted to provide strong immune support & antioxidant protection to improve your overall wellbeing

Zero Calories

Zero Calories, Zero Sugars to live a balanced life

We wanted to provide a drink that doesn't have unnecessary calories. While preventing sugar crashes throughout the day

Shop Today & Support Animal Shelters

WOW 2% Donated to Animal Shelters

Joining our mission in providing care and refuge for abandoned, abused, and stray animals, offering them a chance for safety, rehabilitation, and finding a loving forever home.

Born & Produced in Wisconsin

Doge Coin Lemonade Made in Wisconsin USA

It has been a long journey to develop the right drink that you could all enjoy! It all started out as a small business then eventually it grew into more from helping Animal Shelters. We want to thank you for all your support! We thrive to be more than just a lemonade company and continually push to become a company that listens to our customers & provides a positive movement throughout our galaxy.

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